Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Mini Piling & General Piling

Building Foundations are a very important part of any construction project but sometimes when trying to plan a house build, building foundations is just too vague of a term. This is why I would like to sit down and explain two other types of building foundations, piling and mini piling. 

Information on Piling

Piling is the act of putting steel piles into the ground at a shallow or deep foundation level. This adds support and structure to the building as these piles keep the building upright and you know not looking like the leaning tower of piza. Whether piling is done at a deep level or shallow level is really up to the architect and a variety of factors can come into play like building weight or soil quality.

Information on Mini Piling

Mini piling is used in small, tight spaces where full lengthed piles would just be ridiculous. This form of piling is generally used for conservatories, orangeries & small extensions rather than being used as actual building foundations.